Thank You


Show your gratitude to the idols of COVID-19 pandemic. 20% of profit is donated to Red Cross International



Wear products featuring people changing the world. Get to know our first five idols, from Greta Thunberg to Stephen Hawking.

our manifesto

Thidols is more than a fashion brand.
We believe an idol is someone who leads a positive change in the world.
As an impact brand, we stand for a circular economy, supporting local and making better choices. We use sustainable materials and we have a strong commitment with environmental and humanitarian causes.
We want to give a different purpose to fashion. Why use a regular t-shirt if you can have one that is fairly produced, can be recycled, is trendy and beautiful and, at the same time, spreads a message, rises awareness, sparks reaction and praises change?
Thidols, wear your idols!

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