All Countries Matter

Thank You Collection was created to help you show your gratitude to the idols of this novel coronavirus. However, out in the field, people need much more than thank yous. Entire countries and health systems are tearing apart. So, we've decided to donate 20% of this collection profit to help them heal.

Every week we will collect this money and transfer it to the Internation Red Cross. Then, they will re-direct the funds to the countries in most need facing Covid-19. From Asia to Europe, from north to south, from rich to poor, no one will be left. Because every country matters. And in a pandemic like these, all deserve to be helped.

What is the Red Cross doing?

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is the world’s largest humanitarian network. Its community-based volunteers and staff help the world’s most vulnerable people, including those living in countries with under-resourced health and social welfare systems; people recovering from recent disasters; migrants and displaced people; those in conflict zones and who face ongoing violence; people in urban slums; detainees; and currently people suffering from the socio-economic impact of Covid-19.

Red Cross teams are front-line community responders to this pandemic worldwide. With more than 160’000 local offices and over 13 million highly trusted volunteers and staff, they are uniquely placed to support people and their communities to prepare for and respond to this global emergency. Combining expertise as health and humanitarian actors that work in their own communities, the Red Cross and its members offer a global outlook and tools, combined with a local presence and domestic response in all regions of the world.

In specifics, they ate providing essential services such as:

  • Providing direct medical services and healthcare to those impacted by COVID-19

  • Supporting quarantined communities with education, care, shelter, and feeding

  • Delivering psycho-social support to the self-isolated, caregivers and others

  • Giving durable and non-durable medical supplies and equipment to those in need, including Personal Protective Equipment, and essential blood and plasma

  • Preparing at-risk communities for responding to disasters and shocks during a pandemic including the most vulnerable communities.

  • Sustain health care services for ongoing health conditions – (for malaria related-services, immunization, water sanitation and hygiene) and help avoid the sudden disruption to lifesaving medicines (for epilepsy and NCDs)

How the money is going to be used?

The fund will mostly support national Red Cross offices from countries in need. The local teams will be working on increase their health care services, community engagement and pandemic preparedness activities for vulnerable populations.


This includes the reinforcement of supplies in medical facilities, expanding sanitation and disease prevention programmes including in places of detention, and mitigating the socio-economic impact of the outbreak by ensuring communities maintain access to basic services. Support will also be provided to States to implement WHO guidelines to detect Covid-19 early, isolate and treat cases, and trace contacts.