Our Impact



Let's think about idols, shall we? We've grown up thinking an idol should be a celebrity, an extraordinary football player, a wonderful actress or a very talented musician. There's nothing wrong with that. But at Thidols, we want you to have a broader concept of an idol and include there people who are really changing the world and bringing something positive to the society. How wonderful it would be if your children support a scientist or an entrepreneur the same way you did for a rock star?

So, we will create merchandise to make it possible. Every year, we will choose personalities who are standing out in their areas and we will give you tools to support them and make their work more recognized worldwide. We consider ourselves an impact brand, and we take our own social responsibility very seriously. We will donate part of our profits and we will also engage in several social campaigns. Because we also want to do our little part in this commitment of turning the world into a better place, the same way our idols do.

Products and innovation


We are an ecofriendly brand.  Protecting the environment is part of our genetics. Our products are made with 100% organic cotton. The digital designs are printed with water inks that don't damage the environment. We always work with local producers and we follow all the fair trade guidelines. Plus, we also make sure all of our suppliers develop and share the best practises and use resources with responsibility.

We are aware of fashion's heavy footprint on our planet. So we are constantly searching for the best innovation and techniques in order to be part of the solution and develop products with upcycling materials, reusing and recycling the waste we constantly produce.

No stock policy

Part of our environmental commitment is to have a no stock policy. That means we almost create no waste. That also means that every product you purchase is made just for you, with all the love and care you deserve. That, of course, also means, the delivery may take a little while. But we promise it will be worth the wait.