Our Story

We will tell you a secret. It all started with Margrethe Vestager.
Our founder Marta is a huge fan of her work. Before Thidols, she sometimes found herself daydreaming about her future company that would make the world a better place. The problem was she didn't have any company. Or even any idea to build one. But whenever she was lost in her dreams, one sure thing was that she always pictured herself wearing a Vestager t-shirt.
Eventually, with or without company and ideas, she decided to search for such a t-shirt. There was none out there in the market. So, Marta decided to make one herself.
As she was doing it, she thought about Greta Thunberg. Little Swedish girl influenced so much her vision of global climate crisis. She was so thankful that she would absolutely also wear a Greta t-shirt. Another hard one to find. "Why is always so easy to find merchandise about celebrities and movie actors or music bands, but not the same with personalities who are really bringing something positive to society?"
That was her Eureka! moment. A few months later, Thidols was born