Product Care & Sizing

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is not exposed to the weakening, harsh chemicals that commercially grown cotton is, therefore it will last long, with proper care.

You can wash organic cotton products in your washing machine. Hang to dry. If using dryer, use Air cycle, avoid heat.

Our products are true to size, and organic cotton usually don't shrink. However, it is important that you don not overheat your garments. Conventional cotton apparel is generally treated with chemicals to reduce the shrinkage effects of heat. Organic cotton is not treated, so in high heat it is possible for the cotton to shrink more than 10%. Shrinkage is worse for the lengths of the garments and is less noticeable for widths.



Water inks are just as long lasting as the harmful dyes used on conventional products. They will fade if powerful detergents or bleaching agents are used. We do not use chemical color fixatives, so avoid mixing dark and light colors  for the first few washes due to dye bleed. When washing prints, be sure to turn them inside out in the beginning. This will help lock in the colour for years.

T-shirt Sizing